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We have several options for covering the cost of your treatment.  Talk with the  counselor about your financial situation and assistance needs. 

Self Pay

We accept cash, debit or credit cards, (NO checks).   You can pay the at clinic or through your online portal before your appointment.  You must be "current" to receive medication.   All extra fees that are not covered by the grant or insurance must be paid by the patient.  You will receive a good faith estimate at the time of admission.  


We do have a small grant from the state of Texas as North Texas Behavioral Health Authority.  These have specific requirements.  You must have been enrolled and participating in the clinic (or transferring from another clinic) for at least 30 days to be eligible.  Pregnant and postpartum women can access financial assistance immediately. In order to be eligible for a Patient Financial Assistance, you must be a Texas Resident and have an income below 200% of the federal poverty level and meet the “payor of last resort” criteria. You will be required to complete and sign a financial eligibility determination form and sign an attestation validating the information you provided the counselor.  The grant only reimburses services that are medically necessary, and assistance is time limited.  Your eligibility for financial assistance is evaluated every six months.  Should you become ineligible for patient assistance, you will be notified and given an additional 6 months to transition off the grant.  Your funding will cease, and you will be required to pay for your treatment.  You can reapply should your situation change but are not guaranteed a “funding slot.”

In addition to resident and financial eligibility, it is expected that you will participate in your treatment, this includes taking medication as prescribed; refraining from other substance use; attendance at clinic as required; and attendance at all required individual and group counseling sessions.  Additionally, you will be required to complete a GPRA assessment at the beginning of funding and again when funding is terminated.   Failure to meet these stated expectations will result in termination of patient assistance. 

Other substance use means having non-compliant drug screens.  Persons who have a pattern of noncompliance urine drug screens may not be able to remain on financial assistance.  Should a pattern of non-compliant urine drug screen emerge, your counselor will talk with you about options.

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