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Outpatient Opioid Treatment

Safe. Confidential. Affordable.

At Axcel Treatment and Recovery, we are dedicated to providing freedom from opioid addiction and empowering you to heal. Through individualized treatments tailored to you and your specific needs, we will strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and collaboration, enabling you to develop the skills necessary to achieve long-term recovery. We work to bring you restoration, wellbeing, and improved quality of life, equipping you with the tools to lead a liberated life.


Our mission at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Program is to provide a supportive, transformative experience for individuals struggling with opioid addiction that leads to regained independence, improved wellbeing, and a sustained recovery.

How It Works

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Complete our inquiry form.


A clinician will call you to review your info and conduct or schedule a virtual screening.


Schedule and in-person or virtual admission.


Begin treatment. It's that easy!

How Much It Costs


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Dr. Bryant

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Rhonda Patrick



1105 Memorial Dr. Ste 102 Denison TX 76501


Home Care Program

We offer a home based program for suboxone only.  All of your clinical and medical service will be provided via telehealth, no clinic visits are required.  You will be required to go to a lab for initial lab work required as part of the admission.  


Who can qualify for home based service?


You can only be on suboxone/subutex.  There are some exceptions for methadone, but special permission will need to be obtained from the federal government. 

You must have a safe and stable home/residential environment.

You must be able to tolerate suboxone/subutex without using other substances. 


How it works.


The doctor will evaluate your eligibility for a home based program.  Your screening, admission and intake will occur all via telehealth video conferencing.  Once the doctor approves your admission, he will give you a schedule and make a follow up appointment.  Generally the doctor will see you weekly for the first month and then month thereafter. The doctor will call in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.


You will then be contacted by a counselor who will schedule time for the counseling part of your treatment.  He/she will go over the counseling program with you, there are many options based on your goals and needs.  Your monthly fee includes at least one counseling session.  Additional counseling and/or coach sessions can be purchased on an as needed basis.  


Your counselor and doctor will work together to help you achieve your recovery goals.  



Your fees are the same as the in clinic fees, we do not charge extra for home based services. 

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